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Dec 27 2017

Avidian CRM Review

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Avidian CRM (Prophet CRM) allows users to manage and updates sales pipeline records and customer relationship management data using an iOS optimized UI to observe deals, prospects and customer details in a single place. Prophet CRM is different from other CRM s in that it integrates exclusively with Outlook seamlessly providing a customer relations management system that teams can utilize to capture, manage and analyze data to increase overall sales conversions and team efficiency. Sales teams using Outlook will be incredibly grateful to sync years of data all at once inside the Avidian CRM interface. Prophet CRM enables businesses to focus on capturing what is needed to manage prospects and customers by bringing together Outlook s email, calendar, and contacts into CRM records in a single software. The automation provided by Prophet CRM when sending email, scheduling meetings or keeping notes is all auto-synced in the dashboard to give team members key functions to act on and drive sales. Prophet CRM is a little on the costly side per user but comes with a 100% money back guarantee. The Avidian team balances this cost by managing each installation from start to finish. Additional sales tools and reporting give sales management important information vital to closing deals such as tracking email, calendar notifications, and prioritized tasks in your sales pipeline. Prophet CRM supports any mobile devices and tablets. Basically, any device that integrates with Outlook. Prophet CRM integrates with over four hundred other business systems which are remarkable. Prophet uses templates to help customize the CRM interface accordingly. Integrate with 400+ other business systems, should you require it. Industry templates enable Avidian to quickly customize Prophet CRM to your needs. Prophet CRM allows sales reps to contact leads, to track upsells, provides mass email, reporting analytics within a flexible pipeline system with management and filtering functionality to capitalize on every opportunity, all within Outlook. Prophet CRM is mobile Outlook enabled with email sync that ensures changes are tracked via mobile tablet and phone devices. Any device in which Outlook communication is enabled. The interface is quite intuitive with customization options. And includes automation of repetitive tasks. Prophet CRM claims it connects with all popular front-end and back-end office systems. And they ll customize an integration if that s what you need. Comes with visual analytics for tracking, analyzing and reporting on sales performance. Prophet CRM comes with pre-bundled industry templates for quick, targeted customization of your CRM implementation which is a solid feature. The integration of Outlook is what differentiates this CRM from others. It s easy to organize email communication, meetings, and documents in one location. And to attach individuals to multiple groups. The knowledge base is comprehensive with access to cases online and support. The workflow is quite intuitive and mobile access is terrific. The price point is reasonable when considering the integration of Outlook.


The software didn t seem to install the first time for me which is not a great first impression. But everything seemed fine the next time around. I don t like the inability to toggle between people, organizations and deals on one screen. Or having to assign imported contacts to the correct channels from the all contacts list. Perhaps this was my misunderstanding but this option was not intuitive for me.


Businesses using Outlook having to track prospects, companies and deals with contact info, email communication, daily tasks and prioritizing deals will feel more in control by using Prophet CRM. It s for Outlook users and has the most integration with it between similar software during my research. The knowledge base is comprehensive with access to cases online and support. The workflow is quite intuitive and mobile access is terrific. The price point is reasonable for thriving small to mid-size businesses when considering the value of integrating a CRM and Outlook. My original review:

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